We have 4 prime friendly internet packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you at affordable prices.

SamsTech delivers a fast, reliable and highly secure internet service right to your home or business. Our Kit insures that you get constantly fast speed all day every day. Just pick the service plan that fits your budget and digital lifestyle.

We offer various service plan options to cover your online needs while keeping you fully in charge. It is up to you to activate your service whenever you need it. No additional charges. No hidden costs. Get online and stay online with any of our service plans and enjoy always full speed with unlimited bandwidth & unlimited speed non-peak times for our regular customers.

We do not bind you down with long-term contracts. Once you have the Kit installed you decide when your service will be active. We provide you with flexible payment options that include immediate online activation by PayPal account or any major credit/debit card.

Bank transfer or cash deposit to our bank account or wallets payment paytm, airtel money is available if that is your preference.

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per month

10 Gigabyte of DL & UL

7 Mbps at the lowest price





per month

40 Gigabyte of DL & UL

10 Mbps





per month

60 Gigabyte of DL&UL

15 Mbps





per month

150GB Bandwidth of DL&UL

30 Mbps


Unlimited speed non-peak times on PREMIUM plan

Terms of Use and Service

Service related

  • While the packages have been designed of  limit total traffic data DL and UL experience to the subscribers.
  • A 30 meter cable shall be provided at no extra cost.
  • All package are valid for 1 month.

We always endeavour to provide more than 80% of the promised speed to our customers!. & All packages allows you to pre-pay on your usage at affordable prices. T&C

Pricing related

  • At SamsTech, it’s what you see is what you pay “including tax 18%” .
  • All prices/plans are subject to change without prior notice at any time. [affecting new/existing customers as our plans pay as you use]
  • Prices may very depends upon networks area/availability.

We have always strived to provide quality service at the best prices possible. The following services are extremely handy & we’re offering additional services FREE of charge!.


  • There is no security deposit, so there is no refund.
  •  In case canceling subscription plan refunds will applied only if the user not cross the 500 MB of data limit.
  •  All prices inclusive VAT (if applicable).

If Instant Access IAS/Prepaid Card customers unsatisfied at any point in the future we give you a full refund on your last payment, if doesn’t used more than 100MB. Please check refund-policy.

Access to the Network

  • A single subscription can be used simultaneously on one device at one time.
  • Customers can change the packages any time on myaccount page. Check out FAQ.
  • Customers can pay additional traffic/VAS data per GiB or renew the packages any time & continue with our Incredible services.

Access to Sam’s Xstream Entertainment high speed. and all our customer will be able to use account with cable or wifi captive portals.

Need instant access without registration?

Legacy Plans for IAS Members

  • Mega Plan
  • 7
    per month
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Maximum
  • 30 Days
  • Post FUP NA
Classic Prepaid Cards
Bandwidth1 GB3 GB
Speed2 Mb/s5 Mbps
Validity5 Days5 Days

Classic Prepaid Cards Availability
Post FUP

New Connection &
Be Part Of An Incredible Internet!

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After completing this prime regular internet form. once your account is approved successfully and got your account ID and username & password, to activate your internet services you must be connected on our wifi or plug cable and select [CONTROL PANEL] or cable users open || and login then select [PAY FOR SERVICE] in upper right before you can use your new account, as allows you to pre-pay on your usage as our prepaid services plan is pay for use FUP.  Please check out the faq for details.

-For Instant access without registration  Check out IAS

-For Classic Prepaid Card no online payment required Check out here

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A service offered by competent, courtious and experienced personnel. & Network consulting and technology solutions” We offering a exclusive services for members, Get free access to watch or download Movies from our servers, -Exclusive FREE Watch sports directly on Sam’s Tech Channels, -Enjoy Sam’s Tech Chat and network games with members, Get 500MB cloud to store your data.

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We value your privacy. We never send you any advertisements or pass your information to 3rd parties.

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Sam’s Tech is the pioneer in internet services. We have state of the art cloud based authentication system (AAA) in place even to handle future expansion with in built redundancy in the AAA system to offer high up time requirement. Sam’s Tech is an authorized internet service provider and trusted to handle all lawful intercept. Our infrastructure is ensures faster deployment of internet and hot spot. We have many Hot spots now live at Airports, Malls, Coffee shops, Hotels / Restaurants & other retail outlets on Sam’s Tech cloud WiFi!.