Woocommerce Speed Optimization Services


What is a woocommerce speed optimization service?
Woocommerce is a popular e-commerce content management system used as an add-on plugin in WordPress. This makes a simple blog running website turn into a full-fledge ecommerce store. But there are a lot of shortcomings in this system as it wasn’t initially developed for an online store. Woocommerce is observed to show a significantly slow performance upon addition of products more than one thousand. Woocommerce optimization service is offered keeping in mind the sluggishness of this CMS which will ultimately help you achieve a flawless Woocommerce fast online store.

Why is woocommerce speed optimization service a necessity?

Today, people are as worried about their website rankings as they are about its development. A versatile and function-rich website with poor rankings and slow-loading times will ruin your investment. Every website owner should be careful about each of these aspect. Nevertheless, performance in terms of loading times and errors encountered in loading are key factors used by Google today to assess a website and award it a rank. Woocommerce optimization in a must for those who really want to make a difference, since an un-optimized Woocommerce website with lots of products will definitely cause it to slow down. You might consider now how you will improve it. Our woocommerce optimization service plan will do the needful for you.

Boost SEO Rankings

Increase revenue

Enhance customer experience



Your website is analysed through various tools such as Google Page speed Insights and a benchmark is created.


After analysis of your current performance, we prepare a checklist of items that critically needs optimization.


optimizations are applied and your woocommerce website speed is boosted.


A thorough testing phase that will critically analyse what targets have been achieved and what still needs some work.


If the woocommerce optimisation project passes our tests, a brief report highlighting major tasks is sent to the client.




Electronics was an e-commerce website developed on Woo-commerce platform. They experienced slow and sluggish website which effected their performance a lot. We optimized their website to as low as 1.44 secs loading time. Many items of their website offered load on their resources. The website also had some redundant scripts being loaded. These issues were resolved after deploying a CDN to deliver such content and an upgraded VPS server equipped with varnish boosted their website up to 10X.

Custom Pro

Packaging Pro is a business that deals in packaging material and services. Their online business offers services to various individuals and corporate sectors to order packaging according to their needs through their websites. Their woo-commerce website demanded performance so they can boost their rankings and enhance their customer experience. Our services enabled them to boost their website and reach loading times up to an acceptable level of 4.7 seconds which was around 9 to 10 seconds in the past.


What Clients Say

We were being penalized by Google’s latest algorithms in SEO rankings due to slow performance. samstech saved the day for us. Thanks & thumbs up to your team!

Thanks, we look forward to offer all our clients services on the same quality benchmark.