Remote Support

Remote Support

At SamsTech, we take care of your network so you can take care of your business. We employ powerful remote network monitoring tools such as MOM and System Center Operations Manager to provide 24x7x365  proactive support for your business.

Our staff can offer your organization 24×7 support in a matter of days, providing you robust and thorough IT managed services and extreme responsiveness for much less cost than you can do yourself.

Our preventative maintenance service, active issue troubleshooting, and remote resolution can save your businesses from critical downtime, not to mention the cost avoidance of an information technology office visit. At the first sign of trouble within your business infrastructure our IT staff is immediately notified and begins to respond.

We are notified not only of system failures, but issues well before they occur. For example, we can see CPU or memory utilization out of specification, long running or blocked SQL transactions, disk space running low, unusual event log activity, network saturation, and much more. Our monitoring covers operating systems including Windows and Linux, Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, as well as your backup software to ensure that your backups are succeeding.

Our 24×7 remote network support service covers:

  • Troubleshooting.
  • Server Preventative Maintenance.
  • Anti-virus updates.
  • Server Patch Management.
  • Service Pack Installation.
  • External Vulnerability Scanning.
  • Backup Management and Administration.
  • Security Log Analysis.
  • Event Log Monitoring.

With our proactive approach, we can maximize your business up-time. Being proactive is the key word in protecting our customers’ business. Feel free to contact us for a free demonstration of our remote network support capabilities.

Please contact Sam’sTech consulting team who will be happy to answer all of your questions on our security practices.

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