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Servers and networks are the backbone of your information system. It is of the utmost importance that your computer network be operational since any issues can bring your organization to a screeching halt.

Sam’s Tech realizes that the proper care and maintenance of your system is crucial to keeping your business equipment in optimal condition. We provide complete care to your servers and network through the following:

  • Proper Protection – Sam’s Tech provides a broad spectrum of updated protection for your network including anti-virus protection, anti-spyware, anti-spam protection, firewalls, security updates, etc.
  • Proper Maintenance – Our technicians will perform monthly, quarterly, and annual diagnostic visits to ensure optimal network function.
  • 24X7 Support – We provide onsite and remote technical support whenever you need us.
  • Life Cycle Planning – Plan the retirement and/or reallocation of your equipment before it ends up costing more to support than to replace.

Speak with one of our project directors today to start an initial no cost survey and receive a set of recommendations for your system.

Network Security

Sam’s Tech, a leading network security firm, has been developing and utilizing a variety of tools and practices that can protect your business internally and externally without hindering your business processes or communication. The greatest threat to your business today is internal hacking. Internal, from your own employees: the people who know your business inside and out. The days of being able to have your e-mail servers, domain controllers on the same subnet with no access controls between workstations and servers is over. However, internal security is often given a lower priority and put on the back burner while the perimeter is being fortified.

Sam’s Tech, network security consultants follow the Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology for IT Risk Management Analysis. There is a structure and methodology to risk analysis, followed by a risk mitigation process. Risk mitigation includes a cost benefit analysis, mitigation options and strategy and approach for a controlled implementation.

Our risk assessment process includes identification and evaluation of risks and risk impacts, and recommendation of risk-reducing measures. In assessing risks for an IT system, the first step we take is to define the scope of the effort. In this step, the boundaries of the IT system are identified, along with the resources and the information that constitute the system. Characterizing an IT system establishes the scope of the risk assessment. Identifying risk for an IT system requires an understanding of the system’s processing environment.

As a network security consulting firm, our first step is to collect system-related information, which is usually classified as follows:

  • Hardware.
  • Software.
  • System interfaces (e.g., internal and external connectivity).
  • Data and information.
  • Persons who support and use the IT system.
  • System mission (e.g., the processes performed by the IT system).
  • System and data criticality (e.g., the system’s value or importance to the ourt).
  • System and data sensitivity.

Please contact our network security consulting team who will be happy to answer all of your questions on our security practices

Assessment design & Solution


Sam’s Tech, assessment and design services provide the technical resources and expertise to evaluate your existing environment and provides specific, actionable recommendations to achieve the desired state for your network, systems infrastructure and the ongoing support that meets the technology goals of your organization. Services include discovery with key people in your organization, hands-on inspection of network resources and complete documentation and recommendations. Sam’s Tech is qualified to work with you to implement some or all of the recommended solutions.

Identify problem areas of your network that effect business operations
Apply best practices and process
Develop actionable recommendations for network health and/or new technology implementation
Highest level partnership with industry leaders (OEMs)
Broad technology expertise.

  • Framework for better decision-making
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Improve technology performance and user productivity
  • Phased implementation plans that fit your budget
  • Broad expertise that provides the best options to fit your business needs
  • Assessment services can include directory services, critical server performance, SQL, Exchange, Citrix, security, desktops, network and databases.

We are expertise and experience, combined with our industry leading partnerships and large installed base, provides you with comprehensive assessment service options to assist you with the proper preparation needed to stabilize existing, and implement new technology solutions that best fit your business requirements.

Server Design & Implementation

Provides the in-depth knowledge and experience to assist you in designing server, network and desktop solutions that meet your current and future business requirements.

Networks Solutions

We’re will work with you to understand the unique IT needs that your business requires and build and maintain solutions so that you can focus on your core business.

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